April 06, 2016


streetstyle-bell-bottoms-flares.jpg Get ready for a groovy summer! The fashion world has come up with some unexpected surprises for the upcoming season. We’re as surprised as you are, but it’s true – bell bottoms, also known as flares, are back and as big as in the seventies! For the past couple of seasons most fashion brands have been flirting with boho chic. We’ve all filled up our closets with long comfy tops, peasant blouses, ponchos, shabby shirts, etc. For most of the time, we’ve been pairing them nicely with skinny jeans that have had a long and steady reign as the go-to trousers. And now for something completely different – flares are back and the first reactions were divided: from utter excitement to those who believe they should best be left alone on dusty, old 70’s album covers. However, we don’t think so, and we are truly excited they’re back. The seventies were amazing, just remember how easy-going, androgynous yet sexy and fun they were! Flares have been away for long enough that it’s refreshing to see them again. It’s an even more flattering cut than the skinny jeans’, especially for curvier women. They’re back and they’re big, even the superwide flare pants! For one, Belle Valoure Couture has a great collection to choose from. Celebs like Sophia Vergara, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba have already worn them and they looked amazing. If that doesn’t convince you of the sexiness of flared denim, think Farah Fawcett, Brigitte Bardot and other unforgettable seventies style icons. We rest our case. flared-jeans-bell-bottoms-fashion-stlye.jpg

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